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An approach based on omics sciences to personalize your dietary supplementation.
Elevate you health
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Welcome to MAGISNAT

MAGISNAT is dedicated to enhancing individual well-being through personalized applications of the omics sciences. We utilize genomic, metabolomic, and proteomic tests to explore key biochemical pathways, enabling the customization of lifestyles and dietary supplementation. Our scientifically tested formulations address factors like diet and physical activity, catering to specific needs such as those of athletes. By identifying vulnerabilities, we provide tailored solutions for nutritional deficiencies associated with modern lifestyles. With a focus on each person’s unique genetic makeup, our mission is to customize diets and physical activity to promote desired well-being. Our scientific approach allows for monitoring progress and providing insights to enhance better choices.

MAGISNAT - Enhancing individual well-being

Step 1 Explore Our OMIC Tests

Discover the cutting-edge world of omics sciences with our suite of genomics, metabolomics, and proteomics tests.
Uncover personalized insights to guide your journey to optimal health.


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Step 2 Explore Our Dietary Supplements

Dive into our range of natural, Mediterranean-inspired dietary supplements, designed to complement your unique omics profile for overall well-being or specific health goals.

Immune System Support

Support for Specific

Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and

Physical Activity

Brain Health and Sleep

Deficiencies and Increased Demands‚Äč

Gastrointestinal and Microbiome Regulators

Step 3 Continuous Monitoring

Stay on the path to optimal health with ongoing omics tests, allowing you to adapt your personalized dietary regimen as your needs evolve.


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Search by Pathways

Select the perfect dietary supplement for your needs, guided by omics tests, specific claims, or your preferred metabolic pathways that require support.

OMICS Machine

A model to analyze, at a multiomic level, the main metabolic pathways of our body, identify deficiencies and vulnerabilities, suggest personalized supplementation, and monitor the results.
Note: Biochemical pathways of the organism involving genes, metabolites, and proteins. Expand the scope of your interest or search within individual products to identify the relevant pathways.